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KYC : Know Your Chiranjeevi


Mega Star Chiranjeevi

KYC : Know Your Chiranjeevi

Chiranjeevi in black and white

Person you like?
Mahatma Gandhi

Favourite actors?
Sean Connery, SV Ranga Rao, Charlie Chaplin

Favourite movie?
City Lights

Favourite actress?

Your best friend?

Favourite music?
Folk music

Your farourite place?
My bed-room

Favourite food?
All food items. Sea food I like more.

Your role model?
Any hard-working person. That can be head of the State or a daily labourer

Your favourite film of yours?

Your favourite colour?

Your favourite place, overseas?

Your valuable possession?
Small gold watch given by my mother when I am 5 years old.

In your view, what is the most valuable?
Human relations

One thing that makes you unhappy?
Still there are many hungry people

One thing that makes you happy?
Increase of employment opportunities

What will you want, if God appears before you?
God’s presence itself is a boon. What is there to ask

One line you like?
In achieving targets, there should not be any doubt

What is your advice to your fans?
Youth is very important state in human beings life. If you lose it, you cannot recover. By knowing it, every moment should be utilized for betterment.

Chirnajeevi film milestones:-

Hyderabad sultan:- In Hyderabad, the highest number of movies (35) run 100 days.

Remuneration:- First hero to receive Rs 1 crore as remuneration.

Box-office: In Telugu first movie to collect Rs 30 crore ( Indra)

Mogudu Kaavali is the first film of Chiranjeevi to run 100 days.

First Filmfare award for best actor: Punnami Nagu (1980)

Pranam Khareedu (1978) first movie released. Oriya actress Reshma is heroine. Director Vasu.

Highest number of films (17) produced by Allu Aravind.

Chiranjeevi faced camera for the first time with Punaadi Raallu.

Kodama Sinham (1990), the cow boy film was shot in 5 states and dubbed into English as Hunters of the Indian treasure.

KS Rama Rao put Mega Star to Chiranjeevi with the film Marana Mrudangam (1988)

Remuneration and hundred days shield for the first time with Manavoori Pandavulu (1978)

First Nandi award for best actor: Swayam Krishi (1987)

Second Nandi award for Apatbandhavudu (1992)

Only film in the combination of Dasari Narayana Rao and Chiranjeevi: Hitler

Pranam Khareedu: first film release on 22 September, 1978.

Punaadi Raallu: release 21 june, 1979. the film was released as 6th film of Chiranjeevi. For the first time Chiranjeevi delivered dialogue before camera on 11 February, 1978 for this film in Rajahmundry.

PS Niwas, who worked as cameraman for the film told Chiranjeevi that he will become a big star in future, if he applies his wisdom to what director tells.

Yamakinkarudu (1982) is free lift to Mel Gibson’s Mad Max. The film is produced by Allu Aravind and directed by Raj Bharat.

For the first time Chiranjeevi acted under the directed of K Vishwanath in Subhalekha (1982) for which he won Filmfare award.

Khaidi (1983) released on 28 October. This film made Chiranjeevi a super star.

Under the direction of K Raghavendra Rao, Chiranjeevi as solo hero, Adavi Donga (19.9.1985) was a major hit. It widened Chiranjeevi market.
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In several of his blockbusters, Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi makes a 'grand

entry', often marked by tantalizing precursors that send his fans into rapturous


A similar sense of anticipation grips the political circles in Andhra Pradesh

now as the actor is all set to enter politics and announce the launch of a new

party this month.

Fifty-three year old Chiranjeevi, who rose from humble background to become the

reigning star of Telugu cinema, is expected to announce his political plans in

the third week of August which will be followed by a series of public meetings

and road shows across the state.

"The announcement will be made without any fanfare. Later, a public meeting will

be held in Hyderabad and Tirupati after August 15 where the party's name, agenda

and programmes will be unveiled," the sources close to the actor said.

For several months now, there has been a flurry of activity in Chiranjeevi's

camp with two of his brothers and brother-in-law, all connected with the Telugu

cinema industry, and his close aides organizing meetings with the fans

associations and people from various walks of life and training programmes for

the potential cadre ahead of the party formation.

Chiranjeevi, a Padma Bhushan awardee who has acted in 148 films in his three

decade long career, is among the highest paid actors in the country and has a

massive following particularly among the youth.

Chiranjeevi is a hero often seen as in the mould of the late N T Rama Rao with

an image of a do-gooder, kind-hearted and loving family man. When he dons the

political robes analysts feel it will be a kind of repeat of the era. NTR, the

demigod of Telugu cinema, who stormed to power within nine months of floating

TDP in 1983, achieving a feat that is unparallel in India's political history.

The admirers of Chiru, as Chiranjeevi is referred to in film circles, are

hopeful that their hero will re-create the magic of NTR while some others argue

that he lacks the charisma of NTR.

The new party plans to position itself as an alternative to Congress and TDP,

the two main political formations at present, sources close to the star say.

Political analysts, however, feel that the ageing actor will find it difficult

to garner support from across the communities despite considerable fan


However, his followers argue that his entry will alter the present political

equations in the state where elections are due in May next year. The main

political players fear that their traditional support base might erode if the

superstar takes the political plunge. The TDP is already reeling under

widespread desertions by several frontline leaders who are said to be keenly

watching moves of the star.

The left parties, who have been making efforts to forge Third Front in the

state, said they would work with the actor provided he comes up with a definite

set of policies and programmes.

Several senior leaders across the political spectrum have already indicated

their willingness to join Chiranjeevi's party. Prominent among them are Congress

MP from Narsapur Ch Harirama Jogaiah, former TDP minister K Vidyadhar Rao and

former TDP MP B Nagi Reddy.

Chiranjeevi, who hails from West Godavari district in the coastal region, is

seen by 'Kapus', a dominant community to which he belongs, as the best bet to

fill the perceived political vacuum and end the domination of Congress and TDP

in the state.

He is also being projected as a rallying point for backward classes yearning for

their share of political power. As a prelude to donning the political robes, the

cost-accountant turned film star has been quietly making efforts to build a

larger-then-life image for himself. His recent films provide a glimpse of his

political aspirations.

The titles of his recent films, loaded with political message, and the increased

philanthropic activity through the blood bank he had floated years ago have not

gone unnoticed in political circles.

‘Born for the People' was the tagline for his 2002 film Indra that deals with

political violence in Rayalaseema region. Then came Tagore, a year later, in

which the superstar dons the role of a corruption-buster who advocates formation

of anti-corruption force to wage a war against the menace.

In Stalin, Chiranjeevi is a man of the masses, a do-gooder who comes to aid of

those in distress. From the dusty small town of Narsapur in West Godavari

district, Konidela Siva Sankara Vara Prasad, his original name, has come a long

way to dominate the Telugu tinsel world.

With no family connection with the film industry, Chiranjeevi's was a lone

journey from rags to riches. After graduation in Narsapur, he moved to Chennai,

the hub of south Indian films, where he worked as cost accountant and enrolled

himself in a film institute.

He made his debut in 1977 with Manavoori Pandavulu, a hugely successful film

directed by Bapu. There was no looking back since then.
Chiranjeevi all set to launch his party at Tirupati

Do Stars Favour Megastar?

Chiru party announcement on 17 August, meeting on 26

Chiranjeevi readies to plunge in politics this month

Chiranjeevi to launch his party soon

Political plunge: Chiranjeevi inaugurates party office

Chiranjeevi begins political career

Chiranjeevi inaugurates his party office
Donning the messiah’s role
Chiranjeevi set to don political robes

In several of his blockbusters, Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi makes a 'grand entry', often marked by tantalizing precursors that send his fans into rapturous joy.

A similar sense of anticipation grips the political circles in Andhra Pradesh now as the actor is all set to enter politics and announce the launch of a new party this month.

Fifty-three year old Chiranjeevi, who rose from humble background to become the reigning star of Telugu cinema, is expected to announce his political plans in the third week of August which will be followed by a series of public meetings and road shows across the state.

Chiru has arrived
To Announce Party Name At Tirupati Meet

Hyderabad: Standing under pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Babasaheb Ambedkar and Jyotibha Phule whose teachings he said had transformed him, Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi on Sunday announced his entry into politics and went on to state that his main “opponent” was neither the Congress or TDP but “poverty”. He added: “I am neither a leftist nor a rightist, but a humanist.”
Stating that he was bidding adieu to his “30-year-long pleasure trip in the movie world,” Chiranjeevi promised to unveil his political agenda, policies and programme on August 26 at a public meeting at Tirupati. The actor who turns 53 on Friday said that he would work for a “blissful” and “cheerful” Andhra Pradesh “where people do not suffer.”
Conducting the press conference all by himself, unassisted by aides, the megastar avoided giving straight answers to the volley of questions directed at him by a huge assembly of mediapersons who had descended on his office to attend his maiden conference. On several issues like the precise reasons for kickstarting a political party, his views on separate Telangana, the issue of naxalism, on the relevance of Congress and TDP, Chiranjeevi parried replies saying they were “sensitive issues” and that he would react at an “appropriate time”. Asked about how many seats he expected to win in the next elections, Chiranjeevi said (in the true fashion of a practising politician) :”I’m not entering politics for power of for office but for social service. Social justice and welfare of the poor would be high on my agenda”.
Pressed on how he would react to difficult issues, Chiranjeevi said that his sensitivity would be his strength. “Being sensitive, I can understand the pain of the people better than the present day politicians,” he declared. Though indicating that his would be a party with a social welfare orientation, Chiranjeevi made no reference to inflation or other serious issues confronting the state like mindless destruction of the environment uprooting of people by big projects and problems faced by rural poor.
Chiranjeevi, who rose from the ranks in Tollywood also did not provide any elaborate political or sociological reasoning for jumping into electoral politics at this point of time. But in true filmy style he referred to two suicide notes— one by a Home Guard and another by an IT couple who lamented that they were embracing death without having got a chance for voting for Chiranjeevi. He said that the call given by former president Dr A P J Abdul Kalam to professionals to enter politics had influenced him. He also “bowed” his head before intellectual, artists, women and students, who had urged him to join politics and declared that it would be a blunder not to respond to their invitation.
Interestingly, Chiranjeevi paid rich tributes to NTR, the founder of Telugu Desam Party, for having inspired him in more than one way. True to his non-controversial nature, on the two major parties Congress and TDP he said, “Everybody is doing work in their own way. But, we want to take that further to the grassroot level, and do things in a different manner.” He would not be drawn into criticising them.
Megastar loses close aide
Chiranjeevi’s close friend, Hari Prasad suffered a heart attack while appearing on the prime time live news of a private channel on Sunday. He was rushed to a nearby private hospital, where he succumbed while undergoing treatment. Hari Prasad, 55, was Chiranjeevi’s classmate at the Madras Film Institute. He acted as a hero in the 1978 Tollywood cult movie, ‘Sivaranjani’ and essayed roles in over 100 movies in Telugu and Kannada. He had also produced some of Chiranjeevi’s blockbuster movies.While expressing his views on Chiranjeevi’s entry into politics, Hari Prasad suddenly collapsed at the TV studio. At around 10.30 pm, Hari Prasad was declared dead by doctors. Chiranjeevi visited the hospital. Chiru out to woo women
Hyderabad: “I’m liking it. This role is quite different,” Chiranjeevi told The Times of India in a brief conversation after addressing his fans impromptu. That was a brief while after the hour-long press conference. Visibly pleased with how he performed in front of the cameras and the huge crowd that thronged his office, Chiranjeevi said the response of the crowd as seen indicates how they were feeling.
“And you can see how I am feeling about it. My role as a politician is unlike what I have done before. How do you assess it?” he asked, his infectious smile on.
If Chiranjeevi slipped into the role of his life on Sunday, younger brother Pavan Kalyan, an actor with a huge fans base himself, got into a role that he conceived for himself. Kalyan decided to be a protective shield around his brother - a role that he will continue performing.
On the first day of his life as a politician, Chiranjeevi brought about some changes in his style. He was constantly trying to give more prominence to women in the crowd. This obviously was with a purpose - too woo them to vote for him. He said that women would be given due recognition in the party.
When a large crowd gathered in front of his party office and he addressed them, Chiranjeevi bent as far as his body could permit him to identify the women in the crowd. Pointing out to them, he said: “I did not expect you all to come, “ and thanked them for their support.
Even at the crowded press conference that he addressed, he strained his eye to look for women reporters and entertained questions from them.
With chief minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy and TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu also out to woo the women folk to vote for them in the next elections, it is Chiranjeevi who, it appears, will work his charms on them.
“It is a consciously thought of plan to connect with womenfolk. It is a strategy that he thinks will work in his favour,” an insider in the Chiranjeevi camp said.
Chiranjeevi’s body language too, his aides predicted would take him closer to the masses. The masses will get to see a new act of the megastar with ‘a clenched fist, a thumbs up sign, a salute and a wave’ when he greets them. That is being different from Chandrababu Naidu who waves his hand with a ‘V’ sign and Y S Rajasekhara Reddy who waves his hand.
Analysts say that on August 26 when he addresses a public meeting at Tirupati, the public would see more of Chiranjeevi’s action much as he wants to tell them that he will now ‘live my role as a politician than having to act as one’.

Chiranjeevi enters politics (Hindu)
Telugu actor K. Chiranjeevi on Sunday announced his resolve to enter politics and dedicate himself to the service of the poor, who “had been deprived of the fruits of development.”

Mr. Chiranjeevi’s fans and political followers greeted the announcement with gusto, bursting crackers and organising rallies across Andhra Pradesh.

Breaking his eight-month silence over his political plans at a press conference here, Mr. Chiranjeevi said it would be “a historical blunder” if he failed to respond to the call of the people at a time when politics had become the hunting ground for selfish persons.

Mr. Chiranjeevi, who has acted in 138 films, said the former President, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, advised him to look beyond the film career and join politics, though N.T. Rama Rao too was an inspiration.

The actor said he would announce his party’s name, the design and colour of its flag and the political agenda at a public meeting at Tirupati on August 26, coinciding with Mother Teresa’s birth anniversary.

Mr. Chiranjeevi said he was convinced that there was a political vacuum. “How else do you account for the huge response from the people? People want a change. Otherwise, I will not be here.”
Chiranjeevi takes political plunge (sify)
Ending a year-long speculation, Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi on Sunday announced his entry into politics and said pro-poor policies and social justice will be his party's main agenda.

The name, party flag and agenda of the new party will be unveiled at the first public meeting to be held at the temple town of Tirupati on August 26.

Addressing a crowded press conference at his party office in posh Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad, the 53-year-old actor said he had decided to enter politics to ameliorate the sufferings of the poor and bring about a transformation in society.

Keeping his options open on future alliances, Chiranjeevi said the question of electoral tie-ups would be considered at a later stage.

While asserting that there was a political vacuum in the State, he, however, said he has no rivals.

"Poverty and backwardness are my enemies. I will fight against them," he said.

The popular hero said former President A P J Abdul Kalam had inspired him to take the political plunge.

"I would have committed a historical blunder had I not entered politics," Chiranjeevi said.

He parried the questions on issues like Telangana Statehood demand and naxalism and said his party would take a collective decision after thorough debate and objective analysis of the problems.
Chiranjeevi's first day as a politician is a hit
As the 53-year-old reigning star of Telugu cinema announced his entry into politics, the question being asked is whether he can recreate the magic of NTR who had stormed to power within nine months of floating TDP in 1983, a feat that has no parallel in India's political history.

But the first day, first show was a hit. The good actor that he is, Chiranjeevi stuck to the script in his first public appearance. And ensured the message went straight to the people that he was here to fill a political vacuum created by the people's desire for change.

"There is a political vacuum. People want a change and that I think is the same as a political vacuum. Maybe I can bring about that change," he says.

The TDP and the Congress would be hoping the enthusiastic crowds gathered outside are not an indication of their worst fears coming true. Chandrababu Naidu reportedly put a brake to his statewide tour to stem the tide of TDP leaders switching loyalties. And Congress MP Hariram Jogaiah has announced his resignation from the Lok Sabha to join the actor.

Thirty years ago, a young aspiring actor changed his name from Siva Sankara Varaprasad to Chiranjeevi in the hope that the name, which is one of the names for Lord Hanuman, would bring him good luck in films. It did. Now 149 films later, Chiranjeevi has opted for a career change, in the hope that he would make a bigger name for himself as a politician.

Chiranjeevi will announce the name of his party in Tirupati on 26th August at a public meeting.
Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi takes political plunge
Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi, who had given enough indications in the recent months of launching a political party, on Sunday finally announced his foray into politics.
The party’s name, flag, symbol and agenda will be unveiled at the first public meeting to be held at the temple town of Tirupati on August 26.

The day also marked an end of his long stint with the tinsel town. “Though the film industry is very dear to me, I will not sail in two boats. But I will not back off from acting in message-oriented and educative movies,” he said.

The actor, who was inspired by former president APJ Abdul Kalam to take the political plunge, said: “It would have been a historic mistake if I did not take a decision to get into politics.”

Speaking at his party office in Jubilee Hills, Chiranjeevi said he had interacted with a cross section of people for guidance before beginning his political journey. “I am not here for power. I dedicate myself to the cause of the poor.”

He said he was also influenced by former chief minister and Telugu matinee idol late NT Rama Rao. “There is a political vacuum and people want a change,” he added.

He also recollected other instances which helped him in his decision. “A homeguard in Khammam committed suicide due to financial reason. In his suicide note, he expressed regrets of not being able to vote for Chiranjeevi,’’ the actor, who was born in a constable’s family, said.

In another instance, a well-read couple committed suicide. They too in their letter had expressed their desire to vote for Chiranjeevi.

“Our party will work for Santhoshaandhra Pradesh (a happy Andhra Pradesh),’’ he said. On issues like separate statehood to Telangana, he said it was a sensitive issue and a decision would be taken after ‘scientific analysis’.

“We had 5 acres agricultural land,’’ he said to a query if he knew anything about agriculture. “I do not know what a blood group is. But I know blood is essential to save a life. I do not know what politics is but I certainly know that people’s issues come first,’’ he said. Minorities and women issues would also be part of his agenda.

He ducked the question on the burning issues he had identified. “The media will identify them for me,” he sounded diplomatic. In the same tone, he said his assets were disclosed to the Income Tax department and his rivals were not chief minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy or TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu, but poverty.

While not ruling out alliances with other parties or scaling up to a national party, he said the party would be open to all. He felt regional parties, like in Tamil Nadu, were here to stay.

He is yet to decide the constituency he will fight the elections from and refrained from hazarding a guess on the total number of seats his party would capture.

Parties play it safe
All political parties in the State reacted discreetly to the Megastar�s expression of interest to join politics and serve the people.

"Chiranjeevi has every right to start a political party, like anyone else. Compare what we have done in the four-and-a-half years and what had been done during the nine-year Telugu Desam Party (TDP) rule.

As regards Chiranjeevi or Lok Satta Party or Nava Telangana Praja Party, they are only making promises that they would do a lot but we have already done a lot," Chief Minister Y S Rajasekhara Reddy, said while addressing party leaders at Gandhi Path organised here on Sunday.

Stating that the Congress had the strength to face any political party with its performance, the Chief Minister said none of the political parties had leaders who had laid down their lives for the nation like leaders of the Congress.

"We need not worry about others. None can prevent us from returning to power," he asserted.

However, the opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) feels that the fight in the next elections will be mainly between the TDP and Chiranjeevi�s party.

That precisely was the reaction from the TDP after Chiranjeevi announced the launch of his own political outfit.

When two regional parties were in the field, the Congress would be pushed to a third or fourth position, the TDP believes.

"The Congress was wiped out in Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and other States where regional parties are very strong," said TDP politburo member K Yerran Naidu.

The Tamil Nadu situation would prevail in Andhra Pradesh too in the next elections, he analysed. TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, who returned to the city last night after his 110- day Meekosam yatra, is likely to comment on the new party on Monday.

CPI national deputy secretary Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy opined that Chiranjeevi�s entry into politics would be beneficial to the Left.

"So far, the polarisiation had been between the Congress and the TDP. From now, it will be among three parties which would benefit the Left," he said.

Admitting that people had been waiting for new forces to enter the political scene, NTPP president T Devender Goud said people�s response to the announcement from Chiranjeevi was an indication.

However, the TRS has decided not to react till Chiranjeevi announces his party and its policies on August 26.
Chiru takes a political plunge

Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi dedicated himself to public service, bidding adieu to a 30-year-long career in films to start a new life in politics.

“From now onwards, I want to live for others; only then my life will be worthwhile...I am your man from today,” he said addressing a crowded media conference here on Sunday.

The 53-year old actor, one of the highest paid in Indian film industry, however did not reveal his party’s name or other details saying they would be announced at the public meeting to be held in Tirupati on August 26, which is the birthday of Mother Teresa, whom he considers as an icon. He said he was inspired by B R Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi and Mahatma Jotirao Phule.

Elaborating on his party’s objectives, Chiranjeevi said it would strive to uplift the poor, work for social justice and try to remove the disparities between the rich and the poor

He said he had been inspired to join politics not because he felt there was a political vacuum or because politics had deteriorated but because he felt he had a responsibility to give back to the people who had showered great love and admiration on him.

The doubts he had on taking to politics were removed by former president A P J Abdul Kalam who told him that politics had got a bad name that it was important for good people like him to enter politics.

In response to a question he said he believed in neither leftism or rightism but only in humanism. Asked if his sensitive nature was suitable for the rough and tumble of politics, Chiranjeevi said it would be to his advantage because it made him understand people’s problems like poverty and lack of medicare. “May be politicians are not sensitive, that is why problems persist,” he commented.

Asked how he could be successful since he had no political experience, Chiranjeevi said he did not know how many blood groups are there but he knew that prompt and sufficient supply of blood alleviates suffering and saves life.

Chiranjeevi skipped questions issues like Telangana, alliances with political parties, where he would contest from and how many seats he would contest saying they were sensitive issues and he would speak about them after the Tirupati meeting. He said it was too early to think of a national role in politics.
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Finally, Chiranjeevi announces entry in politics (rediff)
Ending a year-long speculation, Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi on Sunday announced his entry into politics and said pro-poor policies and social justice will be his party's main agenda.
"I will do things differently so that the benefits of development reach the last man in the queue. Andhra Pradesh is the richest state but its people are the poorest. I will work to fill the growing gap between the rich and the poor. After 30 years in the glamorous film world, I have decided that my path goes towards politics to serve the people. I dedicate myself to the service of the people," Chiranjeevi told mediapersons.

Addressing a crowded press conference, the superstar said, "My fight is not against any other politician but against hunger and poverty".
Maintaining the suspense over the name, flag and the agenda of his proposed party, Chiranjeevi said that he would announce the details of the party at a public meeting at Tirupati on August 26, the birthday of Mother Teresa.

The 56-year-old star, who has worked in over 200 movies, said that he was leaving the film industry with a heavy heart. "But I am not closing the door on acting. If a serious and educative film comes my way and it has a message for the people, I will definitely do it," he said.
Calling the 'role' of a politician a new one, he said, "I can't play this role. I have to live this role."

He said the inspiration to enter politics came from lakhs of supporters who had been urging him to take the plunge. "But the driving force behind my decision is former President APJ Abdul Kalam , who urged me to enter politics because not many people were interested in becoming politicians. They think politics is only for crooks and self centered people. This concept has to be changed".

Chiranjeevi also said that he was inspired by Gandhiji, Mahatma Phule, Baba Ambedkar, Mother Teresa and N T Rama Rao.
When queried if he wanted to become the chief minister of the state, Chiranjeevi said, "That will be decided by the people."

He also rejected the criticism that as a film actor who led a luxurious life, he had no idea about the sufferings of the people. "I have spent thirty long years in the film industry, but I come from the humble family of a police constable, and have witnessed financial difficulties. We had five acres of land, which we cultivated and I know the difficulties faced by the farmers".

When asked about his stand on issues like the demand for a separate Telangana state, Maoist activities and categorisation of Scheduled Castes, Chiranjeevi said, "These are very sensitive issues and we will take a stand after due deliberations".
Chiranjeevi all set to make a foray into politics

Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi in political arclight

From a remote village in coastal Andhra to stardom and now to the centrestage of Andhra Pradesh politics, Chiranjeevi has come a long way.
As the Telugu superstar gets set to announce the birth of his political party, millions of fans have gone gaga and predicted that he will be the next chief minister of the state.

Chiru, as he is popularly known among his fans, is set to alter the equations by bringing back glamour to the state politics, which was once dominated by the demigod of Telugu cinema N.T. Rama Rao.

The 53-year-old, who has been into films for three decades, Monday inaugurated his party office in upmarket Jubilee Hills here.

The actor, who dragged too long the suspense around his political entry, will be addressing a news conference Sunday to announce the birth of his party. He will then formally launch the party with the first public meeting in the temple town of Tirupati Aug 26.

Chiranjeevi was born on Aug 22, 1955 in Mogalturu, a small village in the coastal district of West Godavari. His name was Konidela Siva Shankara Varaprasad and he was the eldest of three sons of Anjana Devi and Venkat Rao, an excise department employee.

Varaprasad attended schools in five different places because of his father's frequent transfers. He completed his schooling from P.R. Sharma Junior College at Ongole and graduated in commerce from Narasapur College.

After graduation, Varaprasad moved to Chennai to seek a career in the film industry and joined a film institute in 1977.

"Punaadi Raallu" was the first film in which he had the lead role but it was "Pranam Kareedhu" that was first released. The year was 1978 and he began establishing himself as an actor. Soon, his style of doing action scenes and dancing became popular.

Chiranjeevi, who belongs to the Kapu community, once had a dream one night in which the Hindu god Hanuman called him Chiranjeevi. On his mother's advice, he changed his screen name to Chiranjeevi, which in Hindu mythology refers to Hanuman.

He married Surekha, daughter of popular yesteryears comedian Allu Ramalingayya, in 1980.

Chiranjeevi's first big hit was "Khaidi", which was released in 1983 and was inspired by Hollywood blockbuster "First Blood". By then he had acted in 60 movies. The films that followed gave him the image of an action hero.

He churned out more hits in the 1980s. "Pasivadi Pranam", released in 1987, brought him stardom. Going beyond his action hero image, Chiru donned a variety of roles in the 1990s.

He has been virtually ruling the box office by producing big hits like "Hitler", "Master", "Sneham Kosam", "Annayya", "Indra", "Stalin" and "Shankar Dada MBBS" - a remake of the hit Bollywood film "Munnabhai MBBS". His last film was last year's "Shankar Dada Zindabad", a remake of "Lage Raho Munnabhai".

Chiranjeevi has won the Nandi award for best actor thrice and the Filmfare (Telugu) award seven times. He was also conferred the Padma Vibhushan in 2006 for his contribution to Telugu cinema.

Chiru's two brothers Nagendra Babu and Pavan Kalyan are actors too. His only son Ram Charan Teja is also an actor. His eldest daughter Susmitha is married to a Chennai businessman, while younger daughter Srija eloped last year.

The actor, who has fan clubs across the state and abroad, enjoys immense popularity. In recent years he has been involved in social service activities.

Some people compare his popularity with that of NTR who had taken the state politics by storm by coming to power within nine months of floating the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in 1982.

Chiru's fans are confident that history will repeat itself and their hero will become the chief minister after the elections scheduled to be held in March next year.

However, many do not agree. Observers point out the sea change in the political situation since the early 1980s when NTR floated the TDP. They also point out that the two personalities are poles apart.

The state was then dominated by a single party - the Congress - and people were looking for an alternative. NTR showed them an alternative with a slogan of "Telugu pride".

"Chiranjeevi, like NTR, has the charisma but the situation now is different. There are also no major issues. His party may win a few seats and mar the prospects of Congress and TDP but he may not come to power," said a political analyst.

With the Congress appearing to be firmly in the saddle, Chiranjeevi's party is likely to damage the TDP, which is trying to make a comeback. The presence of two parties in the Telangana region also poses a challenge to the actor.

While NTR had a dynamic personality and used to take all major decisions himself, Chiranjeevi relies heavily on his brother-in-law Arvind and some close aides. This was the reason for the long time he took in announcing his entry into politics.

NTR was more popular for his theatrics and knew how to turn tables on his rivals while Chiranjeevi is sensitive and gets emotional in the face of attacks by his rivals. It remains to be seen if the superstar manages to turn his mass appeal into votes.

Rendezvous with Chiranjeevi

Praja Rajyam (People's Rule) is the name of the political party of the Telugu superstar-turned-politician Chiranjeevi.

The much-awaited name was unveiled by the star before a sea of humanity at Tirupati on Tuesday evening in a filmi style.

Developing the suspense and anxiety of the audience comprising of hundreds of thousands of men, women and youths, Chiranjeevi said that the name was chosen because his party was born from the hearts and minds of the people.

"Who called me into politics. It was you people. What do you want? It should be rule by the people for the people," he said.

Without going into the details of the policies and programmes of his party, Chiranjeevi said it will be a secular, pro-poor party.

"It will be the part of backward and weaker sections, farmers, labours, and women. It will be party, which will fight for social justice which will take Andhra Pradesh towards economic development and prosperity and industrial development. It will make the state a Santosha Andhra Pradesh, Chirunavvulu Andhra Pradesh and Ananda Andhra Pradesh," he said.

He promised top priority to the farmers, universal access to good education and healthcare to all the people on the lines of developed countries.

"My dream is to provide high-quality healthcare of corporate sector hospitals to the people in districts," he said.

The wait was long, but worth it. The megastar and the annaya (brother) of Andhra Pradesh arrived at the Avilala Cheruvu in Tirupati at 5.30 pm amidst cheers and screams from all his fans who were waiting since morning.

Chiranjeevi, sporting a white shirt, walked up to the grandly-decked dais, waving at fans who could not stop screaming the moment they laid their eyes on the star.

Chiranjeevi began his speech by uttering the words and seeking the blessings of "Tirumala Tirupathi Venkatesha."

Chiranjeevi, who sounded emotional on seeing such a huge gathering, said, "These eyes of mine are blessed to be witnessing such a wonderful sight."

He also went on to say that he was here to serve the people and told the people that he understood the problems as he too came from a very humble background.

The crowd was beyond control and screamed "Jai Chiranjeeva" as he decended upon the temple town of Andhra Pradesh.

However, as he started speaking, the entire crowd went quiet and began listening to him patiently.

Flowers were showered on the mega star the moment he walked up to the dais and as he waved and greeted the crowd, the people danced and shouted as though there was no tomorrow.

The older women were seen weeping as he came on stage and they raised their hands towards him showering their blessings on the star.

The temple town had not seen so much activity in a long time. The town was probably reminded of the days of N T Rama Rao who launched his party in Tirupati in similar fashion.

The fans say that the crowd present is nearly 10 lakh. However, when one looks at the sea of humanity present at Tirupathi, you could say the crowd is as much as the eye can see.

The organisers had a tough time in controlling the crowd. The police had to resort to lathi charge on three occasions to keep the crowd under control.

Throughout the day, Chiranjeevi's movies such as Mutta Mesthri and Indra played on the giant screen as well as the 70 LCD monitors that have been set up at the venue.

A documentary on Chiranjeevi's achievements and also on his charitable activities were also shown. The people were also treated to a variety of cultural programmes, which mainly revolved around the life and achievements of the megastar, Chiranjeevi.
source: rediff
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